Company Background

Atique Traders was established in 1978 with the aim to provide its customers with the latest and most affordable Paper and copying solutions. over time with our experience staff and with the help of our valued customers, Atique Traders has become one of the most renowned offset paper Business in Pakistan.We have support structure throughout Pakistan with many international linkages which allow us to provide the Pakistani market with the best paper products that exists in the world. Our expertise lie not in the mere art of selling and buying but also providing our customers both end-users and corporate with the best customer service.

Our young team coupled with our organization's long experience in paper business field make us the most advanced, well-informed and resilient business in the field that we operate in. Every day at Atique is a new day with its new targets, achievements and learning. We value our habit to taking everything as a challenge and never settling for settling for anything. We are proud of how we operate in the business. Every day we touch the lives of thousands of customers, hundreds companies and innumerable partners. We seriously take the trust that our customers put in us and products, we are proud of the fact that we have never disappointed our customers and with our customer and product base growing each and every day, we aim to make our presence in each and every business of Pakistan.

About Us

We see Atique Traders as one of the most progressive and growth oriented printing imaging business in Pakistan. The company aims to provide the customers with the latest and innovative products and solutions. Since its establishment, the company has grown into one of Pakistan's top copying solutions providers. Atique Traders has a very extensive and comprehensive distribution network in Pakistan with International ambitions.

With our sister company operating in the field of imaging. We have gained a ground of what are the actual printing needs of the Pakistani market. Every Day we set for ourselves new standards, ambitions and goals that we try to achieve by continuously improving upon our existing operations, increasing our knowledge and by further improving our already excellent customer service.

Our support structure is present throughout the country with the physical presence in Karachi and Lahore and indirect support structure elsewhere. We understand the strategic position that we have in our customers operations, and we are proud of the trust that they put upon us.

Our Core Values

  • We keep customer service at the forefront of our company objectives.
  • Everyday we work hard to make dreams possible.
  • Our relationship with our customers is the most important asset for us.
  • We make sure that our presence is felt in the market in terms of value for the customer.
  • We Honor the trust that customer put in us.
  • We want to deliver affordable quality